Friday, April 15, 2011

Me and My Shakeweight

So recently, after a long day at school I come home and something puts a gigantic grin on my face.

I find, on my kitchen counter, perhaps the most innovative piece of exercising technology. Something deep inside of me wanted to shake that weight vigorously. Perhaps something magical would happen if I did?

To this day I find myself do this in my free time. All kidding aside these things are fun to play with.


  1. I can still feel the delight from when I heard "yeah, my mom bought a shake weight" from across the room.

    This is the beeeest hahaha

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  3. the last one is disturbing.. :D

    I have to admit I am also an owner of the shakeweight.... secrets out.

  4. OH, the images are FANTASTIC BUT....does it really work?? D:

  5. Haha, I wonder if Shakeweight use will improve one's drawing-stamina. Hilarious (and disturbing) post.