Monday, May 2, 2011

Monkey Business

About a month back my friends Megan, Nate, and I got on topic about one of my past part time jobs as a graphic designer for a welding company back in high school. Definitley one of my more quirkier jobs but looking back also probably the most entertaining one.

"...But yeah my boss also had me work on his son's Nascar, move stuff from his ex-girlfriends out of his house, and help take care of his pet monkey."

"Wait did you just say 'monkey'?"

While the working conditions of constantly being surrounded by freshly welded metals and knife-wielding co-workers was interesting, not so much as my desk mate 10 feet from me...

"Will you stop giving me that look if I give you some sushi?"

While the work environment was more hazardous than where most other artists work, it was still a fun job at the time. Regardless, I think putting "Is able to work with primates" on a resume for PIXAR would be reasonable.


  1. Wow this is really great. Your storyboarding skills are showing. I like the haircut difference haha.

  2. I'm glad it didn't completely eat your face.

    Really nice flowy-cartoony style there.

  3. HAHA dang this is so funny and well drawn man! you captured yourself really well!

  4. Haha thanks guys, I really want to try and update with more stories like this more often.

  5. hahaahha! that monkey slash is brutal.

  6. hahaha that was probably because you didn't give the monkey a thing of wasabi.