Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stay Classy

So the other week, on Valentine's Day, I met up with Breann at the studio to catch a screening of "The Artist"

 "I'll be right back, wait in the lobby for us."
 While waiting I noticed someone's super awesome Zbrush sculptures on his tablet pc.

He then opened up his porn stash...all of it.

 "Ready to go in hun?"

I just assumed he was looking at it for anatomical references.

Nick Cage at his finest


  1. Baahaha this is awesome- using the pic of a nude woman as a reference for aliens XD

  2. Next time just come over and say hello to me.

  3. Hahaha, I just find it hilarious I passed right by him more than once and never saw anything. Somehow my world is naturally censored or something.

  4. Interrupting cockatiel strikes again!!

    Super funny, Chris :D

  5. Awwww man. You know this was that guy who spent way too much time "doing research" on the computers at his campus library when he was in college.

  6. teehee totally anatomical reference lolz xP

  7. Carrie/Stu- Well, some people say "loving yourself" comes first.

    Whitney- Thanks!

    Chris- If only I knew it was you, I would have joined you.

    Breann- He closed it just as we walked by him! I find it strange he didn't know I was behind him.

    Christina- Blockatiel know's whats sfw.

    Megan- Knowledge is power! haha

    Jasmine- Aliens right? Lol

  8. im happy that dreamworks has a great creepers welcomed policy. Ill feel much more comfortable the next time i apply! this is great dude. youre great!