Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here's some expressions drawn of my 353A film character, having tons of fun with him.

Doing some rough storyboards for a friend's student live action film. Its going to be something of a take on gangster/samurai/hiphop western, the project looks like tons of fun. Check 'em out! The film is going to be called Bad Mother Trucker.


  1. Looking great! The poses on the expressions are really well done.
    This is just my opinion, but I thought the godzilla in your concept painting looked more appealing. Anyways keep the updates rolling!

  2. Aaaaw, at least your having fun with your character, I'm glad and jealous HAHA XD

    Naw, seriously, EXCELLENT way to take this to a professional level with the photoshop work and grayscale shading :)

  3. Sweet! I really like him Chris! When are you gonna start modeling him?

  4. Thanks a bunch guys! I was gonna start modeling him hopefully today and get him done before the week is over.