Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pre-preduction Blog #1

Whoa wait its 2011???
Shucks how time has seem to have flown lately, well for my pre-production class we were assigned to draw up 5 pieces of concept art that we would develop into a film annndddddddddd....

I decided to go with this one, aren't they cute?

The main character's name is Fredrick the Giant Lizard and he's in the designing phase, so I started playing with different designs, the film is going to be done in Maya.

Mooseboy has been coming along nicely too, been getting some good feedback from some friends Charles Ngo and Chris Allison.

Fun times, on an equally as exciting level Thursday nights are going to be spent in Pasedena taking an awesome storyboarding class.


  1. HAHA, can't wait to see your godzilla project! lookin great, keep it up chris

  2. I already seen this but I'm glad you put it up! I love those little dinosaurs.

  3. Great post! Like the design on the robot godzilla in the painting already.

  4. Oh man.. that's cool... we didn't do that 5 pieces of concept art thing in my class...

  5. WHOA, what pre-production class are YOU in!??! We didn't get to do that!!! SO MAD!! Text me which one!!
    Besides that rant, NICE stuff!! SO happy to see your stuff for the new year :) I LOVE that one concept art of the kid kneeled over before a forest spirit thing, its looks beautiful like the Bitey flash cartoons. And HEY, kool, a story-boarding class!! The boarding class hasn't started yet at my internship....